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Scopes of using field server as an integrated agricultural monitoring system

Author: Md. Nurul Alam Siddique, Agronomist, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

FieldServer is in order to provide environment monitoring technology even in outdoor and solve the rural problems such as a ubiquitous network environment and agricultural production monitoring in low cost. Field server may produce a crop coverage map that will provide information on crop growth that could be used for agricultural land management, particularly with regard to the application of fertilizer, irrigation control, pesticides and forecasting crop production.


Soil health Monitoring like Temperature, Moisture, Nutritional Status (e.g. soil pH). Crop growth Monitoring like Leaf area index (LAI) and different growth stage, vegetation cover rate. Micro-environment Monitoring like Air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, light intensity. Pest Infestation Monitoring like Animal detection, Insect and disease infestation rate.

Devices Control

Irrigation management like Control of irrigation pump, Fertilizer management like Liquid fertilizer application, Pest management like Repaller, fumigation.

AgriTourism for AgriMarketing

Today, most family farms face serious economic challenges from foreign competition and large, corporate farms. Their earnings on commodities and livestock may not even cover production costs. But farmers who sell directly to the public - through fruit stands and farm country stores - and also add special activities for visitors, find they can continue farming and make a profit. Agritourism is actually saving thousands of small farms from extinction.

In simple terms, agritourism is the crossroads of tourism and agriculture: when the public visits working farms, ranches or wineries to buy products, enjoy entertainment, participate in activities, shop in a country store, eat a meal or make overnight stays.

Data of environmental condition (solar-radiation, temperature, relative humidity, and soil moisture) and growth information (leaf and branch shapes, blooming, fruiting and size) were automatically collected by the Field Server and transferred to a personal computer inside a house through a wireless LAN which could connect the any places through internet. These information are used not only for farming, but also for agri-tourism that may one of focus point for sustainable development.

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